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jeans are cut to an
easy fit pattern, this
allows for comfort
whilst on the bike


Kyrano-UK jeans waist comes up a true size; if we tell you how we measure the waist this might help you to compare them with a pair of your own.

Firstly lay the jeans flat and do up the stud; we then measure across the waist. Our size 34 would measure 17 inches across, double this up, gives you the 34 inch waist.

With the above in mind we normally advise customers to order the size jean that they usually wear. The jeans already have room allowed for the armour and lining, therefore there is no need to go up a size.

Leg Length

Kyrano-UK will alter the jeans
FREE OF CHARGE to any leg length

(mens 28 to 36, womens 28 to 34).

If purchased from shops; Kyrano-UK will be available in only three different leg lengths.