K-tech Para-aramid

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Kyrano-UK jeans are lined with soft knitted K-tech Para-aramid
K-tech Para-aramid Motorcycle Jeans

Soft knitted K-tech Para-aramid features

  • Strong and light: weight for weight, K-tech para-aramid is five times stronger than steel.
  • K-tech knitted Para-aramid -
    weight 400gsm.
  • K-tech jersey Para-aramid -
    weight 240gsm.
  • Kyrano-uk K-tech para-aramid is a man made fibre, which gives excellent protection against abrasion and cuts. It is also gives high levels of resistance against puncture, tearing, slash and heat.
  • This fibre is also used in ballistic protection in hard and soft armour both the above high-tech fabrics are nonabrasive materials and are comfortable against the skin. They are designed to give breathability and flexibility, they feel comfortable and most importantly they give excellent abrasion protection.
Soft knitted K-tech Para-aramid features