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Important Note:The current Kyrano C6 Jean and G8 Jean are to be discontinued during 2014/2015. There are Jeans of both styles still in stock, but when they are gone they are gone. To check availability just click on the drop down menu, if the size doesn't appear then this indicates that size is now out of stock.Silodrom Gasoline Culture 'The end product is a handmade, state of the art pair of motorcycle jeans that, we think, are the best in the world.'
Adventure Bike Rider 'Rating 10 out of 10. The design and technology used by Kyrano have produced the best motorcycle jeans we have seen.'

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Welcome to
Kyrano-UK Jeans


Made in the UK - Leg lengths
altered to size at no extra cost.


All Jeans have soft knitted
K-tech para-aramid protection.


D3O revolutionary T5 hip and knee
armour fitted as standard.

Pics - left. Iíve got some
good news and some bad news.
The bad news is that Iíve crashed
and wrecked my jeans. The
good news is that they did an
incredible job of protecting me,
no less than Iíd expect from
leathers in the same situation.
I flipped a wheelie on a CCM flattracker
and landed straight on my
backside. The jeans tore in a few
places, the inner reinforcement
saved my skin completely.
Thanks for a great product.